Media.Misleadia Collection

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Will we convey the deen?  Or will we leave this responsibility of ours to people who like to spread misinformation?  Remember Surat Al-Asr, and be someone who guides to the ultimate Haqq - the Quran!

Tell the world: Don't let the Media "Misleadia"!  Islam is astonishingly beautiful - but only to those who read the Quran to understand it.  Some of these shirts link to "IslamTaught.Me/Kindness" to present related Quran verses and hadiths, and therefore help educate humanity about Islam.  The link also offers a free Quran ebook, and shows a number of the many ANTI-Terror protests and actions, which are done regularly by Muslims, but are never shown.  Get yours and be an advocate of Truth, in-sha-Allah.