WuduWarrior Collection

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Are you a Wudu Warrior or Worrier?

Ever feel odd while performing Wudu in public places? You shouldn't - as you're the one doing the right thing, and those who do not pray (and perform wudu) are the ones who are actually missing out.

Seek to become a Wudu Warrior (if you're not one already), instead of a Wudu Worrier. Complete your wudu with happiness, and feel honored to be a Muslim - while fearing only Allah (swt)!

Remember that, and remind your Muslim brothers and sisters! These items can remind you too - while also serving as a conversation starter! :)

Let Islam be common knowledge, in-sha-Allah.

The design was inspired by the following situation, which Muslims often face in non-Muslim-majority countries during their wudu (ablution) before daily prayers:

Wudu about to put foot in the sink hoping no one comes in