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Check out these proven facts, and don't forget to share/paste widely:

1. Muslims CONDEMN Terror - Big Time!!

2. Happiness went viral as 2 MILLION random Muslims met recently:

3. Per Islam, you MUST be KIND & PEACEFUL towards everyone to enter Heaven:

4. GOOGLE charts show that the World's interest is very high and RISING for Islam; yet it is low and FALLING for EVERY other known religion, including Atheism and Spirituality:

5. Muslims' role model, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was an AMAZING person - even per Non-Muslim historians:

6. Atheism is illogical:

7. Your own EARS can prove that the Quran is Beautiful, Peaceful, and God-sent!! Hear the Quran: 

8. Animals immediately RELAX when The Creator ("Allah") is mentioned:

9. Islam greatly honors and respects WOMEN:

10. In the Torah/Bible/etc, God told mankind to follow Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when & after he comes:

11. Over 120 PROOFS: Your Hands and Nature literally say "Believe in Allah", "There is no god but Allah", "ALLAH" and "Muhammad":

12. You and Nature were DESIGNED based on the Golden Ratio. And MAKKAH (where all Muslims face to pray) was placed at Earth's Golden Ratio point LONG before the Earth map was developed:

13. Per the Bible & Quran, Jesus (pbuh) is a Muslim:

14. Muslims love Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, etc. (pbut):

15. By design, the Quran (God's words) has always been, and will always be, IMPOSSIBLE to Change:

16. The Quran very accurately foretold the date of first MOON landing, and the EXACT TIME soil was collected:

17. The Quran is an Ancient book FULL of recently-discovered SCIENCE, such as Universe Expansion, Ozone Layer's Protection, Stars & Planets in Orbit, Earth's Iron Core, Deep Sea Waves, etc etc:

18. There are countless LINGUISTIC Miracles in the Quran:

19. Islam teaches HUMILITY:

20. ISLAMOPHOBIA is a Nonsense perspective:

21. Most importantly, there is only ONE God. He has 99 names, and His main name is ALLAH:

OK, SO WHAT????????

22. What is a "Muslim" anyway??

23. What are the core "Pillars of Islam"??

24. What is the PURPOSE of LIFE??

25. Who is INVITED??

26. How does one BECOME a Muslim??

27. What are the STATISTICS on Converts to Islam, and what are Converts saying??

28. What are some well-known CELEBRITIES saying?

29. Per Non-Islamic sources, the number of Converts to Islam is HUGE. Given all the above info, do you now understand WHY??

30. Highly recommended to pick up a Quran or read (yourself). Quran verses can also be verified at:

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